°  Mi Festival 2017 Brand Identity

In its short existence, Mi Festival has built a formidable reputation in the underground electronic music scene of Sydney. The festival celebrates unique collaborations with some of the most experimental local electronic music artists, as well as installations by a diverse array of digital and performance artists. The brand imagery focuses on the feel of sound and music through lines and organic forms.

°  Concept

°  Brand Identity Design

°  URTEKK EP & Tour Design

Drawing inspiration from the unique sound of the EP 'Intervals', I developed digital imagery, textural in nature, to illustrate Urtekks' experimental electronic music for tour posters and album art.

°  Tour Posters & Album Art

°  Freelance Project

°  Web Design Selected Works

Collection of websites for multiple clients.

°  Design & Build

°  Bugalow 8 Poster and Menu Design

Menu and poster communications I designed for Bungalow 8, a tropical themed bar and restaurant on Darling Harbour. Work produced as the in-house designer for The Keystone Group - a hospitality company owning over 27 venues across Sydney.

°  Print Design

°  Agency: The Keystone Group

°  Giulia Personal Website

A little rough, a little feminine. Giulia Capineri required a personal branding that captured her hands-on craftsmanship and alternative spirit. As a designer/craftswoman/architect Giulia had a diverse range of projects to showcase, all deeply personal in nature, which is why I felt it was essential that her website reflected her personality. The graphics took inspiration from her love of working with wood and drawing eyes and dots.


For this project I designed Giulia's personal brand and corresponding collaterals, including a logo, business cards and website (view here).

°  Branding & Web Design

°  Click here to view site

°  Logofolio

Selected logo designs for multiple clients.

°  Branding

°  Travel Novel Book Covers

Using acrylic paint & a gentle stamping technique, I created imagery for each cover design, mirroring the essence each respective travel novel.

°  Print Design

°  Personal Work

°  BOOMBATA Restaurant

BOOMBATA is a family-oriented fast-food restaurant serving pizza and fried chicken. The playful branding for BOOMBATA uses typography and illustration to convey the brand story of a magical kitchen that creates delicious, hearty food.

°  Branding and Packaging

°  Agency: Stone Brand Communications

°  Deeps Bottled Water Packaging

Deeps is a premium brand of bottled deep sea drinking water. Deeps water is extracted from sea water that is pumped from a depth of 650m below the surface of the East Sea off Ulleungdo.


My design illustrates a magically pure water source, far from civilisation. The mermaid reaches for a glittering light at the bottom of the sea, suggesting Deeps Water is a treasure, unique to other bottled water.

°  Packaging

°  Agency: Stone Brand Communications

°  Maxim Arabica 100 Packaging

Maxim is a Korean instant coffee brand offering three variations; Original, Gold and Arabica 100. Of the three, Arabica 100 is marketed as the premium variety, containing 100% Arabica coffee beans.


As part of the design team at Stone Brand Communications I was involved in the redesign of the Arabica 100 range. The final design illustrates a slick, coffee mug motif that alludes to sophistication and class.

°  Packaging

°  Agency: Stone Brand Communications

°  Wealtz Pet Food Packaging

Wealtz is a Korean pet food brand that prides itself on offering nutritious food for cats and dogs. Their company mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of pets through superfood recipes. The brand concept for Wealtz tells the story of a journey across land and sea. The pets travel far and wide in hot air balloons to collect only the most wholesome ingredients for Wealtz. This concept suggests that pet owners begin a journey with Wealtz toward a more healthy diet and lifestyle for their pets.

°  Packaging

°  Agency: Stone Brand Communications


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